My name is Saffron and I love plants and connecting with people who love plants! I have over 400 indoor plants and I don’t intend to stop there! My 3 cats, dog, toddler and husband have learnt to put up with my obsession. In my spare time, I love organising plant meetups and helping new plant parents get to grips with their new plant hobby.

I also happen to love surprises, and came up with the idea of Saffron’s Garden Plant Club because it was something that I would like to receive. The Plant Club is a subscription-based club where each month you receive a surprise plant and plant-related gift delivered to your door. 

This project is driven by a sense of community. You can feel that in the collective anticipation for each month’s plant. You can form connections with fellow subscribers as well as becoming more aware of plant-related business out there. We have a Facebook group that you can join and if you search for #saffronsgardenplantclub on Instagram, you’ll find posts of people sharing their experience.

From time to time you’ll also find products and plants available to purchase on this site from my own personal collection or contacts.