The Plant Club is a subscription based club where each month you receive a surprise plant and plant-related gift delivered to your door. 

This project is driven by a sense of community. You can feel that in the collective anticipation for each month’s plant. You can form connections with fellow subscribers as well as becoming more aware of plant-related business out there. We have a Facebook group that you can join and if you search for #saffronsgardenplantclub on Instagram, you’ll find posts of people sharing their experience.


Plant Club Classic Subscription
R520 (1st of each month)

Plant Club Collectors Subscription
R1200 (1st of each month)

A Once-Off Botanical Box



When I asked Saffron if I could join the Collector’s box for the month of December only, she said yes! I wanted to give myself a Xmas gift and I am so happy to have chosen her plant club because I got the best, biggest, and rarest surprise in there!! I love that the boxes incorporate plant accessories from local vendors and it also includes care/learning cards with plant info. Saffron’s plant club is great because you can join short and long-term…but whatever you decide, just join! You’ll love the surprise 💚

For over a year I have looked forward each month to the arrival of a very special plant delivery: Saffron’s Garden Plant Club classic subscription box. I have particularly enjoyed receiving plants that I would never have bought at a nursery, and then being surprised at how much joy they bring me. I have also enjoyed getting to know some awesome local brands. The SA plant community is a very welcoming place, and a lot of that is due to Saffron and the space she has created online for lovers of plants to share their plant triumphs and struggles.

I joined the Saffron’s Garden Club about a year ago, and I never get tired of receiving a new plant baby every month. This club has exposed me to a variety of unique and beautiful plants. On top of the excitement of being able to fill my house with plants, the local crafts that come with the package are a treat. Can’t wait for next month!

An incredible gift (to yourself or someone special) that sparks huge joy!

I received a 12-month subscription to Saffron’s Plant Club from a friend and it’s honestly been the best gift ever! A guaranteed highlight of every month, it’s so exciting to unwrap your surprise plant, learn all about it and how to care for it – my favourite benefit being all the plant knowledge I’ve gained during the course of the year together with the opportunity to add plants to my collection I’d never have come across otherwise. It goes without saying that every delivery arrives incredibly carefully wrapped to keep its fragile content safe while the plants themselves (plus the containers and, importantly, the soil they’re in) are of excellent quality and condition – all you need to do is find the perfect spot in your home for it based on the super informative care guide supplied with every plant by Saffron. The plant-related gift in each delivery is a lovely bonus, too, and I’ve discovered so many wonderful local brands and makers that I’ve continued to support since.

The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained through the Plant Club led me to my favourite purchase from Saffron’s Garden – two rare Variegated Monstera cuttings. Both now thriving and on their way to being well-established plants, the process from purchase-to-present has been thrilling, with Saffron holding my hand every single step of the way.

Whether you’re totally new to plants or an avid collector already, I can’t recommend Saffron’s Garden enough for their exceptional plants and personalised service together with a collaborative and supportive community that you can tap into whenever you need it – providing all the tools and resources to ensure your plants thrive. 10/10, such a gem!

Renée Nesbitt, Finch and Grey

Hi, I’m Sam – a botanist in training and plant mom! I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Plant Club for over a year, and it changed my life. Not only do you get a plant every month like clockwork, but it comes packed with info and plant-related goodies that will turn even the most hesitant gardener into a green-fingered queen. And if that’s not motivation enough, you get the added bonus of making some contacts with plant pros like Saffron, who are literal encyclopedias when it comes to plant health, with all the tips and tricks…. I can’t praise the club enough – it’s helped me grow my plant collection with some gorgeous plant babies (including a bunch of wish list plants I’ve been lusting over for years) and the community is one of the nicest, with wholesome people from across the country… I also think the plant club subscription is an ideal gift if you’re able to pass up keeping everything for yourself. Saffron also offers monthly top-ups and exclusive deals, so you get the first choice on extra plants at brilliant prices.